Colored Pencil Magnets

170405_magnetsI found some really cute stickers at my local craft store. I colored the stickers with Prismacolor colored pencils. Once the coloring was done, I die cut circles approximately the same size as the stickers from white card stock. I stuck the stickers to the die cut circles. The stickers were then glued to a glass dome and a magnet was glued to the back. They are so cute!!


My favorite stamp this holiday season!

Altenew Winter Cottage StampI fell in love with the Winter Cottage stamp and just had to order it. I didn’t check to see what size it was when I ordered it and was shocked when I received it to see that it was so tiny. I couldn’t imagine what I could use such a tiny stamp for even though it was so cute.


Christmas H.U.G. card - 161202When I was making H.U.G. cards, I came across the Winter Cottage stamp and decided to try it on a HUG. I fell in love with the way my H.U.G. card turned out. In fact, the Winter Cottage H.U.G. cards were my favorite of all the H.U.G. cards I’ve made this holiday season.


Then I decided I should try making a card with the Winter Cottage stamp. I ended up making two cards. I’ve included pictures of the stamp, my favorite H.U.G. card and the two cards I made using the stamp. I used Distress Ink blending for the backgrounds for all of them.

Altenew Winter Cottage - Dots Supplies:

Altenew Winter Cottage - Scrolls

Christmas H.U.G. Project – December 10th

Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/10/16

Three H.U.G. cards were given out today at Walmart. The first H.U.G. card was given to a Deli worker. I felt so bad for her because she was the only employee in the Deli and was overloaded with many customers waiting for her to help them. As I waited for my turn, I observed that she just kept working diligently and was pleasant to each and every customer.


Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/10/16The second card was given to a man I chatted with while we waited for our turn to order at the Deli. When I gave him the card and explained what it was all about, he said ‘Excuse me’ and bent down and gave me a hug and said, ‘God Bless You’.




Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/10/16And the third card was given to the most pleasant Walmart cashier I’ve ever encountered. She was sweet and jolly to each of her customers. When it was my turn she had me laughing and I made sure to thank her for being so pleasant.

My plan was to given out one H.U.G. card daily between December 1st and December 24th, but sometimes you just run into more people that you want to give and card to and that is why I made extra H.U.G. cards!!

Christmas H.U.G. Project – December 9th

Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/09/16

I made a trip to the grocery store for bread and milk this afternoon. While I was there I decided to browse to see if there was anything else I might want. I thought I might like some soda pop. I went down the aisle to look for the only kind of soda I drink (Diet Dr. Pepper – Cherry). The Dr. Pepper brand is located on the top shelf in the soda aisle. Being only 5-foot tall, getting anything from the top shelf is a challenge for me. As I was looking for my flavor of soda pop (way up high), I heard a voice from behind me asking if I needed help reaching something. I turned around and was facing a female customer. We had a discussion about my flavor not being on the shelf. She was ever so pleasant. I gave her a H.U.G. card for her kindness. She was a bit stunned and gave me a huge smile and said thank you!!

Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/09/16

As I was checking out at the register, I enjoyed my encounter with the cashier. After I paid my bill, I gave her a H.U.G. card. She looked at the front of the card and then turned it over and read what I had written on the back of the card. She placed it where she could see it and said if things got rough, she would just look at the card and that would get her through

Floral Bouquet

Stampendous stamp colored with Prismacolor colored pencilsThis lovely bouquet stamp was colored with colored pencils. The technique is called spot coloring. A focal, centered image is colored while the four corner images are left uncolored. For this A2 size greeting card, I colored the four corner images with white colored pencil and then used Distress Ink to ink the edges of the card and tone down the bright white of the flowers.