Watercolored Critter Tags

170312_Watercolor_Tags_1I made these cute little tags for my granddaughter to sell in order to make money for an upcoming graduation trip she was planning. I used a variety of my critter and cute stamps to stamp on the tags and then watercolored the images with Distress Ink.


  • Strathmore 300 Series 140-pound cold press (for the tags)
  • Distress Ink used as watercolors
  • Recollections: Zoo-Licious stamp set (link unavailable)
  • Recollections: Don’t Bug Me stamp set (link unavailable)
  • Recollections: Woof Woof stamp set (link unavailable)
  • Simon Says Stamp: Cuddly Critters Accessories
  • Lawn Fawn: Fairy Friends stamp set


Watercolored Roses Card

170218_WC_DI_ElizabethCraftRosesLovely little card featuring watercolored roses. The roses image is an Elizabeth Craft Peel-Off Sticker watercolored with Distress Inks.




My favorite stamp this holiday season!

Altenew Winter Cottage StampI fell in love with the Winter Cottage stamp and just had to order it. I didn’t check to see what size it was when I ordered it and was shocked when I received it to see that it was so tiny. I couldn’t imagine what I could use such a tiny stamp for even though it was so cute.


Christmas H.U.G. card - 161202When I was making H.U.G. cards, I came across the Winter Cottage stamp and decided to try it on a HUG. I fell in love with the way my H.U.G. card turned out. In fact, the Winter Cottage H.U.G. cards were my favorite of all the H.U.G. cards I’ve made this holiday season.


Then I decided I should try making a card with the Winter Cottage stamp. I ended up making two cards. I’ve included pictures of the stamp, my favorite H.U.G. card and the two cards I made using the stamp. I used Distress Ink blending for the backgrounds for all of them.

Altenew Winter Cottage - Dots Supplies:

Altenew Winter Cottage - Scrolls

Christmas H.U.G. Project – December 9th

Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/09/16

I made a trip to the grocery store for bread and milk this afternoon. While I was there I decided to browse to see if there was anything else I might want. I thought I might like some soda pop. I went down the aisle to look for the only kind of soda I drink (Diet Dr. Pepper – Cherry). The Dr. Pepper brand is located on the top shelf in the soda aisle. Being only 5-foot tall, getting anything from the top shelf is a challenge for me. As I was looking for my flavor of soda pop (way up high), I heard a voice from behind me asking if I needed help reaching something. I turned around and was facing a female customer. We had a discussion about my flavor not being on the shelf. She was ever so pleasant. I gave her a H.U.G. card for her kindness. She was a bit stunned and gave me a huge smile and said thank you!!

Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/09/16

As I was checking out at the register, I enjoyed my encounter with the cashier. After I paid my bill, I gave her a H.U.G. card. She looked at the front of the card and then turned it over and read what I had written on the back of the card. She placed it where she could see it and said if things got rough, she would just look at the card and that would get her through

Christmas H.U.G. Project – December 4th

Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/04/16I never anticipated that I would be blessed by handing out a H.U.G. card, but today’s encounter was amazing!! I went to Michaels Arts and Crafts store and was browsing through the Christmas items. I had reached the end of the aisle I was in and was ready to move out into a main aisle way. That is when the parade of people started passing by me in the aisle I needed to move into. There were several little girls and a woman. After they passed I peeked around the display to see if anyone else was coming and I could see a stroller approaching, so I waited in my spot. The stroller went by me and a man was pushing the stroller (bringing up the rear of the people parade). As I looked at the man, to my amazement, it was Matt an ex-co-worker from the school where I taught. Matt was a favorite co-worker of mine who had left the school over three years ago to take another teaching position. I have not seen Matt since he left the school. Matt gave me a huge hug and we were able to catch up a little bit. In the stroller he was pushing was his brand new baby daughter. Along with Matt was his wife, his other two tiny daughters and two of his nieces. I gave Matt the paper H.U.G. and had an opportunity to explain what H.U.G. cards are all about. I was so happy to see Matt and his family and of course delighted to give him a H.U.G. card.

Christmas H.U.G. Project – December 3rd

Christmas H.U.G. card 12/03/16Today I went to Michael’s Arts and Crafts store. Two H.U.G. cards were passed out. For the first H.U.G. card, I was walking down a rather narrow aisle filled on both sides with large artificial flowers and Christmas foliage. There was an older lady ahead of me in the aisle and I had to wait while she struggled to bend over and pick up one of the flowers on a stem that had fallen to the floor. She picked it up and placed it back on the display. She exited the aisle and I went around her and then turned back toward her and gave her a smile. I walked closer to her with the H.U.G. card in my hand extended toward her. I told her that I just wanted to thank her for picking up that flower from the floor and since you can’t just walk up to someone and hug them for being kind, I wanted to give her a paper HUG. The lady took the card and got teary eyed. She said I could hug her and I did. She was still exclaiming over the card as I left her.

Christmas H.U.G. card 12/03/16

The second H.U.G. card was given to the cashier who checked me out. She couldn’t have been more pleasant or cheerful. I enjoyed my encounter with her so much, I gave her a H.U.G. card too. She gave me a huge smile and thanked me.