Pretty Watercolored H.U.G. card

170418_ElizabethCraft_OrangeFlowersThe flowers are an Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel-Off sticker and were watercolored with Distress Inks. Tumbled Glass Distress Ink was used to paint a very light background.



Watercolored Flower Card

170408_WC_DI_ElizabethCraft_FAVFlowersThe flowers of this Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel-Off sticker were watercolored with Distress Inks.


Christmas H.U.G. Project – December 5th

Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/05/16Today I took all my Christmas cards and packages to the Post Office to mail. I was anticipating a very long wait in a very long line; however to my surprise, there were only three people ahead of me. The wait time went very quickly and I was soon being waited on by a sweet postal clerk. She had waited on me the week before and I thought at that time how pleasant she was. After I conducted my postal business, I gave her a H.U.G. card. She said it was so pretty and she would use it as a bookmark or something. And then she said, ‘But for today, it will go right here (she placed it beside her computer monitor), to bring me JOY’. I definitely loved her response!!

Christmas H.U.G. Project – December 3rd

Christmas H.U.G. card 12/03/16Today I went to Michael’s Arts and Crafts store. Two H.U.G. cards were passed out. For the first H.U.G. card, I was walking down a rather narrow aisle filled on both sides with large artificial flowers and Christmas foliage. There was an older lady ahead of me in the aisle and I had to wait while she struggled to bend over and pick up one of the flowers on a stem that had fallen to the floor. She picked it up and placed it back on the display. She exited the aisle and I went around her and then turned back toward her and gave her a smile. I walked closer to her with the H.U.G. card in my hand extended toward her. I told her that I just wanted to thank her for picking up that flower from the floor and since you can’t just walk up to someone and hug them for being kind, I wanted to give her a paper HUG. The lady took the card and got teary eyed. She said I could hug her and I did. She was still exclaiming over the card as I left her.

Christmas H.U.G. card 12/03/16

The second H.U.G. card was given to the cashier who checked me out. She couldn’t have been more pleasant or cheerful. I enjoyed my encounter with her so much, I gave her a H.U.G. card too. She gave me a huge smile and thanked me.

Candle Holder – Copic Coloring

Candle Holder - Copic ColoringFollowing an Elizabeth Craft Designs video, I was able to create this lovely candle holder. The candle holder and the battery operated candle were purchased. The design on the candle holder was created using an Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel-Off Sticker, glitter, and colored with Copic Markers. It was easy and fun to do and I’m sure I will be using this on other projects in the future!!


Christmas Gift Card Holders

Christmas Gift Card HoldersWith the holidays rapidly approaching, I’ve manged to make several gift card holders. These are fun and easy to make. I used a wonderful die to cut out the gift cards. All of the gift cards were either watercolored and/or sponge blended with Distress Inks or Markers.161120_giftcardholders_1 Glitter and the Wink of Stella Glitter pen add that special shimmer and shine!