HUGS for the World was created to bring a little happiness and joy to the world one H.U.G.at a time. H.U.G. stands for Happy, Uplifting Greeting. Simply create a small art work with a positive message and give your art work to someone who needs a little happiness and joy in their life. You can give your H.U.G. to a friend, a family member, or a stranger. Always carry a supply of H.U.G. cards with you to give to someone when the need arises.

I created a Facebook group for others to be able to share in the joy of being a HUGGER! The group is for sharing photos of the H.U.G. cards you create, telling the story of what you did with your H.U.G., and/or how the recipient of your H.U.G. responded to the gift. People who have received a H.U.G. card are encouraged to share how they felt when they received the card.

HUGS for the World is a group for people of all ages and all levels of art. You can simply draw your H.U.G. message on a piece of notebook paper and pass it to someone who needs a H.U.G. Or you can create a mini work of art with the art medium of your choice. The art work is not the primary focus in this group. Giving someone a boost in their life is the entire reason this group exists.

If you are interested in finding out more about HUGS for the World please join our Facebook group!

Below is a gallery of some of the H.U.G. cards I have created: