Sketchy Watercolor Flowers


I promised myself that this year (2017) I would concentrate on watercoloring. I had planned to do that all of 2016, but got a bit distracted due to some health issues. An art project for a family member kept me quite busy in the month of January, but I did finally find the time to get started in watercoloring.

One of my biggest fears is facing the blank sheet of paper. I decided it was time to conquer that fear. To get started I used student grade watercolors (because I had been using them on a current project) and pulled out an inexpensive pad of watercolor paper.



Watercolored flowers outlined in black ink have always appealed to me and I decided that would be my first try. I am sharing my first few attempts at watercoloring on a blank piece of paper with you. I’m OK with the results because (a) at least I started watercoloring and (b) I can only get better 🙂



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