Cheerful Lights Christmas Card

ChristmasLightsI needed to make a special card for my niece because I was sending her a special gift. About 30 years ago, when my niece was a little girl, she and her family traveled to a December Disney world vacation. Since I lived near the park, I met my sister, brother-in-law, and two nieces there. When I saw the three girls, each of them were wearing a Christmas light necklace. I had never seen a necklace like that and was very taken with it and must have commented several times about how cute it was. The next thing I remember is my niece, Jodi, asking me to turn around. She took her necklace off and placed it around my neck. I was so stunned that a young girl could be so giving and self-less. The act of my niece giving up her necklace for me stayed with me. Every year at Christmas time, I got out the necklace and wore it. People always remarked about my unique Christmas light necklace. That gave me the opportunity to share the wonderful story of how it came to belong to me. Since I’ve retired this year, I realized that I won’t be wearing the necklace much, so I decided to send the necklace to my wonderful niece so that she could put it around the neck of her own beautiful daughter.

I wanted to make a card that was special to include with the necklace. I found this coloring book page at the site, GetColoringPages and downloaded it. I then traced it onto watercolor paper and watercolored the Christmas lights. I also stamped a sentiment that repeated the word merry across the bottom of the card front.


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