Christmas H.U.G. Project – December 21st

Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/21/16

I was out and about doing some shopping today. My first encounter was at Walmart. I was trying to reach some bottled water that I wanted to purchase. Unfortunately there was no way that I could reach the water so I started looking for a Walmart employee. About that time a couple came into the water aisle. I decided to ask the man if he would be willing to reach the water for me. He got the water, put it in my cart, and moved my cart in the direction I wanted to go. He was so sweet and kind and treated me with respect. I loved seeing the smile on his face when I gave him a H.U.G. card

Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/21/16

The second H.U.G. card went to a wonderful, helpful employee at Michaels Arts and Crafts store. All the Christmas stamp sets are on clearance for 70% off. Several days ago when I was in the store I saw a Christmas snowman stamp set that I wanted to purchase. I took it to the price checker machine to see how much it would cost. The price checker showed the regular price of $12.99 for the stamp set (not the 70% off). I asked a store employee about it and she said it was just the regular price and not 70% off. I wasn’t in the mood to fight for the 70% off, but it definitely was a Christmas stamp and was on display with the Christmas items. Recently I was chatting with my niece in Pennsylvania and she purchased the same stamp set. When I told her about my experience with the stamp set, she said she had the same problem with it coming up regular price. She said her husband fought about the 70% off and she got it at the clearance price. I decided to go back to Michaels and get the stamp set for the clearance price. At the store, with the stamp set in hand, I asked a Michaels’ employee about the situation. She immediately said I could have it for 70% off and called ahead to the cashier to tell her that she should take 70% off the price of the stamp set when I checked out. I’m not sure why the first employee didn’t do that, but I sure am glad Debra (the employee) did today 🙂


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