Christmas H.U.G. Project – December 4th

Christmas H.U.G. card - 12/04/16I never anticipated that I would be blessed by handing out a H.U.G. card, but today’s encounter was amazing!! I went to Michaels Arts and Crafts store and was browsing through the Christmas items. I had reached the end of the aisle I was in and was ready to move out into a main aisle way. That is when the parade of people started passing by me in the aisle I needed to move into. There were several little girls and a woman. After they passed I peeked around the display to see if anyone else was coming and I could see a stroller approaching, so I waited in my spot. The stroller went by me and a man was pushing the stroller (bringing up the rear of the people parade). As I looked at the man, to my amazement, it was Matt an ex-co-worker from the school where I taught. Matt was a favorite co-worker of mine who had left the school over three years ago to take another teaching position. I have not seen Matt since he left the school. Matt gave me a huge hug and we were able to catch up a little bit. In the stroller he was pushing was his brand new baby daughter. Along with Matt was his wife, his other two tiny daughters and two of his nieces. I gave Matt the paper H.U.G. and had an opportunity to explain what H.U.G. cards are all about. I was so happy to see Matt and his family and of course delighted to give him a H.U.G. card.


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