Christmas H.U.G. Project – December 3rd

Christmas H.U.G. card 12/03/16Today I went to Michael’s Arts and Crafts store. Two H.U.G. cards were passed out. For the first H.U.G. card, I was walking down a rather narrow aisle filled on both sides with large artificial flowers and Christmas foliage. There was an older lady ahead of me in the aisle and I had to wait while she struggled to bend over and pick up one of the flowers on a stem that had fallen to the floor. She picked it up and placed it back on the display. She exited the aisle and I went around her and then turned back toward her and gave her a smile. I walked closer to her with the H.U.G. card in my hand extended toward her. I told her that I just wanted to thank her for picking up that flower from the floor and since you can’t just walk up to someone and hug them for being kind, I wanted to give her a paper HUG. The lady took the card and got teary eyed. She said I could hug her and I did. She was still exclaiming over the card as I left her.

Christmas H.U.G. card 12/03/16

The second H.U.G. card was given to the cashier who checked me out. She couldn’t have been more pleasant or cheerful. I enjoyed my encounter with her so much, I gave her a H.U.G. card too. She gave me a huge smile and thanked me.


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