Tree with One Big Leaf…

161017_distressink_leaftreeRecently I watched an interesting video. The video showed the process of creating a tree using one big leaf. I found the whole idea fascinating. In fact, this video showed how to make four trees; one for each season of the year. The video was called: How to create a Masked Tree in a Leaf technique and was on the You Tube channel.

I wanted to participate in the One-Layer Simplicity Challenge. The theme for this month is was to use the colors: Red, Orange, and Yellow. I also wanted to make a birthday card for a favorite person in my life and wanted to show fall leaves on the card in some manner. After watching the You Tube video, I decided that making one card would meet both needs.

In the video, Tami created her leaf by blending ink through a leaf die. I don’t own any leaf dies, so I used a stencil. I used Distress Inks as watercolors whereas Tami used the ink blending technique.

If you would like to learn more about or participate in the One-Layer Simplicity challenge please click on the image below:

One-Layer Simplicity Challenge badge



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