A very special announcement…

Today I would like to share an exciting announcement with all of you. Due to the positive and encouraging comments when I have posted my little H.U.G. cards and shared my thoughts about passing them along to people who need a hug, I have created a new Facebook group called: HUGS for the World. The group is a way to bring people together in one place from all over the world who would like to participate in and share their H.U.G. adventure(s).

If you haven’t heard about H.U.G. cards, let me take a moment to explain. A H.U.G. card is a tiny little card that you create to give to someone who just needs a little boost to their day. You carry your H.U.G. cards with you wherever you go; in your purse, in your pocket; or even in your back pack. Then when you encounter someone who is having a bad day, a rough time, or just needs a hug; you can hand them your paper H.U.G. A H.U.G. card says you care and gives the recipient something to remember your hug by.

A H.U.G. card can be created on any kind of paper, with any medium, and the art is up to your own creativity. It can be as simple as a stick figure and printing the words, Have A Great Day to a mini work of art. There is no age limit, and no artistic ability is needed. The only requirement is a desire to bring a little happiness into someone’s day.

I hope you will join us in spreading a little joy and happiness with your HUGS for the World!!
Click this link to request to join the HUGS for the World Facebook group:

Hugs for the World Facebook group


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