Today, I make a confession…

I have an admission to make…I am glue challenged!! Glue and I are not sympatico!! Once when I was in my thirties I was talking to my mom on the phone and told her I needed to run to the store for some super glue. These are the exact words my mom said to me: “Georgia Lynne, don’t you dare buy super glue! You will glue your fingers together!”

Ah, yes, my gluing issues started long, long ago in my childhood. I tended to avoid gluing throughout most of my life until I started cardmaking. At first I only made card fronts as the gluing issue was too huge for me to try and adhere a card front to a card base. It became evident to me that I was going to have to overcome this glue challenge if I wanted to actually make a full card. I did try gluing and tried and tried and tried. Every time I glued a card I ended up with glue everywhere!! There was glue all over my card, glue all over my work surface, glue all over my fingers and occasionally glue in my hair, on my face and/or on my clothing.

I finally decided to fight back and do my best to overcome my nemesis (gluing)!! I cannot tell you that I have been totally successful at beating the glue issues in my life; however, I have developed strategies that work for me and lessen the glue effects. Those strategies are my helpful hints for you today. I don’t know if anyone else has faced the glue challenge, but if you have perhaps some of my combat solutions will help you today.


helpful hint glue on base of waxed paper1) Before I begin gluing anything, I put a good size piece of waxed paper down on my work surface. I do all of my gluing on that piece of waxed paper. I rarely get glue on my work surface these days as I have been able to contain the glue to the waxed paper. Additionally since all of my work is done on the waxed paper, when I’m done with my gluing task I can just toss the glue covered waxed paper in the trash.


Tombow mono multi liquid glue2) I generally use Tombow Multi Mono Liquid Glue to affix my card front to my card base. I either squeeze the glue from the container to my waxed paper or put it directly on the back of the card front. Then I use a small foam brush to apply the glue. When I’m done gluing, I wash the brush out, let it air dry and it is ready for the next round of gluing. I also wrote the word glue on the handle of the brush so I wouldn’t use it for anything other than gluing.

3) When I’m finishing applying the glue and put the two parts of the card together, I fold over the waxed paper and use it to apply pressure with my hands to make sure the glue bonds. So my card is actually sandwiched between the waxed paper. No glue on my hands and any stray glue on the card front won’t stick to the waxed paper.
thermoweb pickup adhesive eraser

4) Once my card is glued, I usually have glue somewhere (or all over) on the card. I use a pickup or adhesive eraser. It works like magic. You just rub it (lightly) over the area on the card where there is glue and it rubs or erases it off.
Ranger Inkssentials Craft Scrubbie5) And finally, if I do get any glue on my fingers I just pull out my trusty Craft Scrubbie and before you know it my fingers are clean.
I haven’t completely conquered my gluing challenge, but I have found ways to overcome it!! If you have read this far, I apologize for such a lengthy post. The words kept coming and I kept typing and this post is what happened.


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